Neptune PCI-X Adaptor to Quad Serial ATA RAID Controller

The NEPTUNE device is designed to support PCI-X and PCI 3.3Volt interfaces with clock speed from 0 to 133MHz and bus widths from 32 to 64 bits wide. The PCI-X block is an industry proven interface block. The NEPTUNE IC is capable of supporting a boot BIOS Flash EEPROM up to 1Mbyte in size. The Neptune Device connects directly up to 4 serial ATA devices without external PHYs. Four GEN1 PHYs are built into the Neptune chip. All four Serial ATA channels and the Four RAID/DMA controllers are completely independent and can be treated as four PCI-X Bus Master Controllers. PCI-X is also able to access all FIS/STATUS and data channel fifoes directly through the PCI Target interface controller. This Controller can run in I/O or Memory Mode.


  • PCI-X/PCI 32 or 64 bit, 33MHz, 66MHz, 100MHz, 133MHz Bus Interface
  • Supports DMA Bus Master Interface
  • 4 independent Scatter/Gather DMA Engines
  • Single Cycle Steal DMA Architecture
  • Four Independent 1Kbyte FIFOES for full speed (1Gbyte/sec) operation.
  • Industry Proven PCI-X interface block
  • PCI Configuration Block for selecting Interrupts, Bus performance
  • Supports up to a 1Mx8bit Flash EEPROM for BIOS/Boot Loader
  • 64 bit Internal iBUS architecture used for performance and scalability.
  • Link List RAID engine for true non-gapping data interlacing with Serial ATA Devices.
  • Ideal For File Server, Video Server Applications
  • RAID 0/1 Auto Update Multiple Files on Write
  • Programmable Interrupt Controller
  • Auto-Status Update in host main memory
  • Command Packets Accessed in main CPU memory by Bus Master RAID controller
  • Four Channel Serial ATA rev1 compliant- Generation 1 Host.
  • Four Sets of Serial ATA FIS register blocks
  • Four Independent Serial ATA Host controllers
  • Built in PHY and SERDES logic
  • Programmable PHY serial optimization through jumpers, serial interface or external serial EEPROM
  • Big Drive Interfacing- 48 bit block Addressing.
  • OOB COMINIT and COMWAKE Generation.
  • 8B/10B Encoding and Decoding.
  • Separate Cont and Data Scramblers.
  • 32 bit Internal Buses for Encoding/Decoding/CRC Generating/Checking and Scrambling.
  • Frequency Synthesizer for independent Serial ATA clock and Parallel ATA clock.
  • Clock Recovery PLL for Deserializer and Decoder circuits.
  • Primitive Decoder with auto Task File Updating.29. Dual 1024 byte Transmit/Receive FIFO’s for over run prevention used in each SATA Channel
  • Auto Inserted Hold Primitives to prevent under runs.
  • Receiver impedance equalization for best system performance.
  • Power Monitor for glitch free Power Off/On cycles.
  • Low Power

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