Eclipse - iSCSI Communication Processor

Eclipse is a complete system on a chip for supporting the Ethernet iSCSI protocol. Eclipse is based on VLSI integration of physical device interface required for communicating with other Ethernet devices without CPU intervention from an outside source. This device contains the circuitry required for Internet Protocol (IP) hardware automation by using a two embedded RISC processors. The main internal processor is a 64 bit MIPs processor running at 300MIPs. This processor is running the industry standard Linux operating system. The other processor is a dedicated iSCSI/MAC processor used to manage the IP packets in firmware for supporting iSCSI protocols.

This chip can be used as a host controller chip for the workstation or server system. It can also be used as a host controller chip for a disk RAID system. In a NAS environment, this system chip provides a data path for delivering data to the serial ATA SAN disk drives for true SAN performance within a NAS system. Since iSCSI is over a standard Ehternet 802.3 system, the Eclipse chip can also perform standard Network File System services.


  • 10 or 1 Gbps Ethernet 802.3 interface controller.
  • Embedded Quad Phy for 10Gbps Ethernet Support.
  • iSCSI protocol processor.
  • Built in DDR SDRAM controller. Supports up to 4GBytes of External Dual Data Rate Fast Synchronous Dynamic RAM memory
  • PCI-X Dual Data Rate Host Interface. Can be used as master or target PCI device. Complete PCI configuration memory and Host DMA channel access with doorbell registers.
  • Optional PCI 33/66 operational mode
  • 8 DMA channels.
  • Internal 256 bit high speed bus operates at over 5GBytes per second
  • Built in RAID 3, 5 data engine
  • Automatic drive replacement and block correction.
  • High performance SCSI CAM with Cache block manager.
  • Over 250Million iSCSI transactions per second capable.
  • Linux-Mips Based OS. Can execute custom drivers.
  • Standard support of XTERM login through either the 10/100 or 10/1G Ethernet ports
  • Supports TCP-IP protocol.
  • Diagnostic 10/100 Ethernet Port
  • 300Mip MIPs CPU based Engine
  • Dual Bus architecture
  • Single XTAL input clock.
  • 3 separate channels of 1.2/2.4GBps serial ATA, GEN1 or GEN2 drive interface including independent PHYs and serial controllers. Supports up to 6 serial disk drives directly with no external components.
  • 128K Internal Cache Memory
  • Boot Flash Rom interface. Can support CFI cards, MMC/SD Cards or linearflash memory.
  • Built in Firewall
  • Built in Data Encryption for iSCSI data package protection
  • Low Power design. Less than 15W operating power.
  • BGA packaging

Operating Systems Supported:

  • Win NT, Win2000
  • HP Unix
  • Solaris
  • Linux


  • Storage Array Networks (SAN)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS). Embedded drive NAS systems, or Larger server systems
  • RAID controllers.
  • Workstation network controllers.
  • Enterprise Servers

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