Livingston, SCOTLAND and San ose, USA - 9 September 2002

LDIC to use VCX Market Channel for IP Latest IP Vendor to use VCX TradeFloor & TransactionWare™

LDIC (LSI Design and Integration Corp.) today announced its intention to register its entire portfolio of 150 semiconductor IP blocks on the Virtual Component Exchange (VCX). The VCX is a provider of exchange software and services for the semiconductor IP industry, as well as the central Internet registry of IP blocks.

LDIC will use the VCX TradeFloor to market its Analog (Mixed Signal), Interface, Microprocessor and Communications IP. LDIC will also license VCX TransactionWare™ supply chain software solution to manage and expedite IP license deals.

VCX tools will enable LDIC to easily upload and maintain their IP data and meta-data in an industry-standard format, in one central location, and have this data fed out to a growing number of VCX Gateway locations: currently Chartered Semiconductor,, Sonics SOCWorks, TSMC, OCP-IP and

The TransactionWare license also enables LDIC to use VCX TradeFloor tools for lead-handling, NDA drafting and data disclosure.

"VCX is pleased to welcome LDIC to the growing ranks of VCX IP Sellers. The addition of LDIC IP will provide even more choice to the established VCX TradeFloor Buyer community and to the wider design community, through the VCX Gateway." said Andy Travers, VCX's CEO. "We are confident that LDIC will achieve wider market reach, and increased efficiency through the use of the VCX solution."

In the past six years LDIC has established a vast library of silicon-proven IP through the completion of many SoC designs for world class OEMs in areas such as HDD, PHY, MAC, level 2 switches and networking communications; many of which have gone into mass production and shipped under LDIC's logo. The company has recently adopted an IP licensing model for products targetted at mass storage, networking communications and HDD.

"The growing market channel offered through the VCX provides an ideal and efficient way of maintaining and distributing our product data to SoC designers globally. The online data request software will also enable us to improve the efficiency of our presales activities." said Mehdi Bathaee, CEO/CTO of LDIC. "The decision to license LDIC IPs grew out of our experience using other third party IP. Unlike much IP available, all of LDIC's IP blocks are proven on silicon, taking the guess work out of design. Our IP-Free-ASIC™ business model will enable companies to obtain free LDIC IP blocks if LDIC wins the design for their ASIC."

About VCX:
The Virtual Component Exchange is a unique Business-to-Business (B2B) software and E-commerce company focused on producing Internet tools for trading Intellectual Property. It has already delivered the world's only regulated online exchange for trading Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP): the VCX TradeFloor. Powered by VCX TransactionWare™, the TradeFloor tools link the Engineering, Procurement and Legal functions of both Buyers and Sellers with a common toolset and language. Alignment of data evaluation, access and contracting protocols between Buyers and Sellers, using industry standards, dramatically accelerates the speed of SIP transactions, fulfilling the common business imperative of getting more products to market in shorter time cycles. Distributed Internet access to the VCX TradeFloor is provided through the VCX Gateway - distributing VC data and transaction agents to the web-based market, extending the reach and value for Buyers and Sellers alike. To find out more about the VCX TradeFloor, or to access the VCX market channel, visit the web site at

About LDIC:
LDIC is the technology leader in providing low power, high-performance IP and Integrated circuits for communications, NAS and data storage. LDIC provides IP solutions for communications, NAS and data storage, which includes physical layer transceivers (PHY), SerDes, Media Access Controller "MAC", Ethernet Networking, level 2 switch, Serial ATA, Analog mega-cells, Microprocessors, Peripherals/Specialty IO, ATA-6 controllers, Error Correction, Spindle/VCM Controllers/Drivers, Pre-Amp, PRML, R/W Channel, Servo Interface and Firmware products to provide our customers with total system solutions for communications, NAS and data storage.
LDIC is headquartered at 2081 Forest Ave. San Jose, California., 95128, with offices in Europe and Asia. Phone 408-283-8540, fax 408-283-8544. To access LDIC website visit,
Contact: Max Bathaee

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